Fire doors explained: A beginner's guide

The glass fire doors are complements that are used to divide the space of a building in order to give different functions to each of the rooms.

Both in our home and in the premises or building where we work, we have the right to feel protected in the event of a fire. Unfortunately, on many occasions, we are not. Something can go wrong with the building structure, or with the fire safety devices and tragedy occurs causing fatal accidents or highly serious injuries.

However, an ordinary door is of no use when it comes to people’s safety. Fire doors, on the other hand, serve to provide buildings with safe spaces. Thus, in the event of a fire, the door isolates the room affected by the fire and allows the building to be evacuated and the fire extinguished more quickly and safely.

What Is A Fire Door?

Fire doors can be made of metal, wood, or glass, and are installed in strategic areas of a building to divide the space into sectors. The larger the construction, the more sectors it will have. Thus, if one of the sectors catches fire, the fire door will make it difficult for the fire and smoke to spread to the adjacent sector. Therefore, its function is to prevent the fire from spreading, to allow safe evacuation, and to facilitate the rescue and extinguishing of the fire.

Characteristics Of A Fire Door

Fire doors can be more or less resistant to fire, but all must meet the following characteristics:

  • Integrity or ability to withstand the effects of fire on the exposed face, without allowing it to spread to the unexposed face due to the escape of flames or gases.
  • Insulation or ability to withstand the effects of fire on the exposed face without allowing it to expand to the opposite face due to heat transfer.
  • Fire resistance time. It will be 30, 60, 90 or up to 120 minutes.
  • Durability of the self-closing device. That is, the ability to maintain opening and closing clearances, forces, and speeds without exhibiting defects after undergoing a considerable number of opening and closing cycles.

They are also a requirement in certain domestic situations, depending on the local regulations of the country, for example, on flats. Fire doors are necessary when a door leads to a full-length garage, or in homes where there is a “habitable” attic or basement such as homes with a loft or with a “room on the roof.”

Where To Put A Fire Door?

The use of fire door regulations uk is not restricted only to large buildings or public buildings, but also extends to private homes and any establishment where adequate prevention measures are required for the safety and protection of people.

Fire doors are used in a wide variety of establishments, such as theaters, cinemas, educational centers, shopping centers, hotels, offices and industries, etc.

To make this possible, at we offer a wide range of models fire door regulations uk and finishes to suit each of the aforementioned rooms.