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What Are Eaves, Flashing & Other Terms Used In Roofing Estimates?

What Are Eaves, Flashing & Other Terms Used In Roofing Estimates?


Roofing is not some thing most people today imagine about, till there is a trouble that is. As a end result, most home owners often do not completely comprehend the estimates roof contractors hand them, leaving them open up to unscrupulous folks who might acquire benefit of this being aware of they would not know the variation.

Of course we can’t describe all the things about your roof in a solitary article, but possessing at least some awareness of your roofing process can help you fully grasp your roof dilemma, and any resulting estimate, far more clearly. Discovering just a several of the conditions applied can support you greatly in creating an knowledgeable final decision when it’s time to communicate to the pros.

The following are a several, typical roofing conditions to know in get to help you comprehend the unique elements of your roof and some of the companies roofing contractors may perhaps present when they give you an estimate:


Most folks know what roof shingles are. They are the specific, overlapping, normally rectangle factors that protect most household roofs from the bottom edge and up. They are manufactured from various components these kinds of as slate, asphalt-saturated mat lined with mixture (asphalt shingles), wood and at times even concrete or clay. Offered in a variety of shades and designs, these are what most regular household roofs in Metro Atlanta consist of.

Leak Boundaries

Leak barriers are watertight seals we place on the most susceptible places of your roof normally close to valleys, eaves, vent pipes, chimneys, flashing, and other parts. Generally any space far more inclined to leaks.

Roof Deck

The roof deck is the area of your roof, below the shingles and underlayment, (typically plywood or oriented strand board (OSB)) to which roofing components are applied.

Roof deck security is generally referring to utilizing materials this kind of as a fiberglass felt or a synthetic underlayment to include an additional layer of defense between the shingles and roof deck stopping destruction from rain, ice, wind and/or moisture create up.

Attic Ventilation

Attic air flow refers to how well air and humidity is circulating in your attic and is a person of the most vital factors of a roofing method. Proper attic air flow should really keep air circulating through the attic yr all-around, preventing dampness establish-up and decreasing strength prices. Indications of weak attic air flow consist of moisture buildup in the residence and/or attic at times mimicking a roof leak!


In essence the horizontal least expensive edge of sloped roofs, normally where gutters are set up.


Flashing is a weatherproofing element of roofs. Generally comprised of sheet metal, flashing is mounted alongside places prone to leakage this sort of as all over breaks in a shingled roof-line or about chimneys (stepflashing), skylights, or other spots. Mounted effectively, they should not be observed and will seal uncovered locations stopping humidity from getting into your property.


Asphalt-based mostly rolled supplies built to be set up below the primary roofing product for included protection.

If you have any questions about these roofing conditions or other individuals, Request! Recognizing additional about your roof will support you navigate roofing estimates as very well as assisting you not get ripped off by a person who will take advantage of people’s ignorance. Know-how is electricity!

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