Solventless Concentrates Explained - Northeast Alternatives

When looking for solventless extracts, it is helpful to know a little about the different types. So, before you make a purchase Bay Area solventless, consider this information about the various types. 


This is a popular solventless extract because of its flavor, potency, and purity. Pressure and heat are applied to the flower, trim, or kief which squeeze out sap and resin. It can be a dark or golden color. The color depends on the amount of plants present. It can be manufactured in various consistencies. 


This is one of the oldest concentrations that squeezes kief, which are the tips of the cannabis flower glands. There are a number of ways to create the hash. One of the early ways to do this was to rub the flower buds by hand and scrape off the stickiness that is left behind. A ball is formed with the trichomes that were left behind. Some hash is tightly packed and has a dark color, but another hash is crumbly. You can also freeze-dry hash or use water to extract it. No matter which option you choose, hash always has a strong fragrance. 

When you are considering solventless extract, think about the different types of solventless extract before visiting Bay Area solventless to make a purchase.