May 23, 2022


Residential infrastructure

The best Muay Thai Architecture in Thailand and Renovating

It is no doubt that Thailand has the best Muay Thai practice and culture in the world. It is the home of all Muay Thai arts and culture, and that is why it attracts lots of tourists and visitors each year.  

Muay Thai camps’ beautiful architecture and designs also add to the irresistible nature of visiting Thailand for Muay Thai. 

Most visitors each year come to Thailand to understand the art and visit some of the historic camps and centers in Thailand. And this holiday season will not be any different. If you have/manage a Muay Thai camp, now is the best time to begin a complete renovation of your Muay Thai facilities. 

How to improve your Muay Thai center 

The best form of improving a center is to know; 

  • Equipment to upgrade,  
  • Equipment to throw out,  
  • Instruments to replace. 

It would help if you did a proper survey of how popular Muay Thi centers and areas improve their facilities.  

Some of the things you have to upgrade are; 

  • Upgrading your gym equipment 

Like most gadgets, gym equipment and instrument should be up-to-date. Trainers and customers want to use the best or latest gym equipment while training. Using old or worn equipment in your Muay Thai gym can be a put-off to your customers. 

  • Install a swimming pool to cool it off 

People who train hard in the gym usually like a place where they can cool off. While some may indulge in other acts, others prefer to swim.  A standard Muay Thai gym these days must come with a good swimming pool.  

Swimming pools add beauty to the architecture and design of the building, depending on where you locate the pool. 

  • Renovating the building 

Renovation is what we always do when there are significant and apparent cracks. The type of renovations you do depend on the scale of “injury” to your facility. However, a complete renovation is the best way to put your gym up to standard, especially for older buildings. 

The renovation includes the big things like;  

  • plastering, 
  • repainting, 
  • demolishing and 
  • rebuilding, 

to small items like; 

  • Changing flower vase,  
  • Replacing wallpapers, 
  • Changing towels and other smaller equipment in the gym. 
  1. Rebuilding a Muay Thai facility 

It is possible for a building to be de-commissioned and demolished if it can no longer meet safety demands. Most Muay Thai buildings are so old that it is risky for anyone to visit such centers. However, while the sentiments to such pieces are clear, it is time for a new one. 

To compensate for taking down such historic buildings, the design of the new one should employ all possible mastery.  

  1. Improving your Muay Thai camps 

Most people who visit Thailand prefer to spend their time in the Muay Thai camps. Therefore, these camps have assumed the capacity of a hotel or guest house. Your Muay Thai renovation should include the centers and other areas around it. 

Beds, sheets, and bunks must be replaced. The camps should be a place of comfort, including a good temperature conditioner. 

Wrapping Up 

Aside from the beautiful sport, the design and architecture of Muay Thai buildings make them spectacular.  The best way to attract customers to your Muay Thai gym such as is to improve and upgrade your existing systems.