The Importance of Sodding Your Residential and Commercial Landscape

If you’re considering installing sodding on your lawn, there are several factors to consider. These include cost, installation, and maintenance. In addition, you’ll need to decide between sodding and seeding.


The price of residential sodding Germantown, TN depends on the size of the area to be sodded. Your yard’s length and width are also important factors. A yard layout sketch helps calculate the square footage of your yard. Divide the sketch into rough geometric shapes and multiply them by the number of square feet. In addition, your contractor will need to re-slope your yard, which adds to the cost of sod installation. This process may be complicated, especially if there is existing landscaping.

Depending on the region, sod prices can vary widely. In addition, it comes in various types, each with unique qualities that will make it suitable for your climate.


When it comes to sod installation, quality is an essential consideration. Soil is an important component, and the quality of your soil can affect the success of your sod project. Home improvement stores or online retailers can obtain a soil test kit for $12 to $20. Your local agricultural cooperative extension office will provide recommendations on adding nutrients and other materials to your soil.

The installation of sod typically involves removing the existing grass, spreading topsoil, and adding fertilizer. The process may also include a sprinkler system for your new lawn. Before sodding, it is wise to pre-fertilize your soil with a starter fertilizer. Soil needs to be well-drained to support the new growth.

The process of sod installation is relatively straightforward. The first step is removing existing grass and preparing the ground away from your house. Once that is done, you can install high-quality strips of freshly cut sod. Sod installation takes less time than seeding your lawn, and the new grass grows quickly. In addition, sod installation also prevents erosion and is easier to maintain.


Sod installation is a wonderful way to improve your lawn’s look quickly. Its lush, green appearance can be enjoyed right away. However, you’ll have to water it extensively for the first few weeks. Watering should be done twice a day and at least 3/4″ deep. During this time, you can use an empty tuna fish can to collect water. Fill the container with water and run it until it reaches the top of the container.

Choosing between sodding and seeding

Choosing between residential sodding and seeding depends on several factors. Seeding is less expensive than sodding but requires a longer period to establish the lawn. Additionally, it requires more maintenance, especially in the late summer and early fall. Both methods, however, require good soil preparation before grass installation.

Soil preparation is the key to creating a beautiful lawn. Soil testing can provide information about what the soil needs. Seeding is easier for the average homeowner to do, but it requires the services of a professional lawn care company. If unsure about the soil’s condition, you can ask a lawn care company to perform a thorough assessment.

If you’re looking for a cheaper option, consider hydroseeding. While seeding is easier to install, it still requires a long wait and can cost anywhere from $400 to $1,300 in labor. If you have a limited budget, seeding is the most affordable option. It will cost anywhere from $170 to $380 per square foot.