Top Interior Design Trends You Should Follow in 2022 | Foyr

Maximalism, vintage furniture, sustainability, and earth tones are trendy in the interior design world. Embracing these trends has not been a welcome idea to some people. Perhaps we could attribute it to misinformation. Or is it resistance to change? Various reasons support the need to adopt different interior design trends. The following is a breakdown of why you should.


Everyone wants to stay in a pretty warm room. An ideal space should have rich earth tones, highlighting class, warmth, and elegance. Today, most people associate rich earth tones with nature or everyday places. Warm and rich earth tones will make your room feel closer to mother nature. They bring the warmth and comfort needed in your room.

However, it would be best to understand how to use these colors. For example, a rustic taupe interior will give your room a timeless appeal. Beige, chocolate brown, and mustard colors are also perfect choices for most interiors. Choosing the right color will give your room the visual appeal you envision. Remember, interior aesthetics will touch on color and sound.


An excellent interior design project allows you to recreate your space. The idea is to maximize space usage, making different house parts functional. Today, minimalism has taken over the interior design sphere. This design requires that you do not fill your room or space with unnecessary items, including furniture.

Professionals at Truss Interior Designers Denver, CO, would recommend a minimalist interior. This approach assures you of increased space. Spaciousness is vital in improving comfort, including when walking around the room. It will also minimize clutter, complex furniture, and maintenance costs. This approach is also associated with ease on your eyes and enhanced relaxation. Exposure to allergens will also remain significantly low.

Health Benefits

Interior designers today incorporate greenery in different rooms, particularly the living room and the bedroom. Embracing sustainability and nature in the house contributes to various health benefits. Besides, it plays a critical role in achieving the set environmental goals, reducing carbon footprint.

Sustainability is vital in protecting you against allergens, pathogens, and viruses. For instance, it will improve air circulation within the room. Increased air circulation contributes to eliminating pathogens and bacteria in the house. It will also minimize dust particles in the room, reducing the number of allergens. At the same time, pathogens and viruses will hardly survive here.


You will likely want to be associated with prestige, elegance, and class. Investing in trendy interior design options is the best way to realize this goal. Various interior design trends focus on new technologies and excellent lighting. One option you cannot overlook is vanity lighting, a great addition to your bathroom.

At the same time, various new technologies will help improve your comfort and convenience in the long run. Smart mirrors, lighting, and touchless technologies are a great addition. For this reason, you are confident of unmatched satisfaction over time.

Your comfort and convenience are critical in your eventual growth. Opting for trendy interior designs assures you of multiple benefits, including those above. Yet, you must choose the right professional to get the ultimate from this arrangement.