October 28, 2021


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Selling a House Fast – Is Your Real Estate Agent Working For You?

Typically, it’s one of two things: timing or money. Often, both timing and money can affect a homeowner’s final decision to sell their home fast or slow. Today, we will review several reasons why individuals choose to sell their houses fast. From high property taxes to low real estate market value, there is a reason to consider selling my house fast in Jacksonville. Whether you are looking for a quick fix or a home that you can enjoy for years to come, consider some of these reasons for fast selling.

Closing And The Post-sale Checklist

When you think about how fast you want to sell your house, you should consider the traditional closing and the post-sale checklist. The traditional closing involves the involvement of your Realtor, escrow, title company, and the closing agent. On the other hand, the post-sale checklist involves the involvement of your homeowner association, escrow, title company, and home inspection provider. Both processes take time and can add considerable cost when you compare them to the Sell my house fast Jacksonville quick-sale services.

What if you have existing conditions that are detrimental to the sale of your home?

Florida, like many states, requires sellers to disclose and repair any damages before the sale. Unfortunately, this requirement does not apply to the quick sale process. Although the seller may believe it’s more cost-effective to hire an expedition to make repairs before selling, it could cost more in the long run because of delays associated with filing the required paperwork and submitting it to your lender or title company.

How can you sell my house fast without hiring a third-party agent?

If you are not involved with the transaction personally, such as by posting a sign-in-the-front window or working with your real estate agent, you’ll have less of an edge in negotiating price points and closing costs. When selling through an agent, the contract includes an authorization to pay three percent of the final selling price. You may think this is a great deal but don’t consider it if you aren’t involved in the transaction.

How do you sell my house quickly in a slow market?

In slow markets, buyers are often wary of investing in homes on the open market, so you may want to consider putting your home on the market for a short period before selling it. The average time frame for selling a house in a local market is anywhere from ninety days to three months. With the help of a local expert who knows how to market to buyers in your neighborhood, you can sell your home fast while fetching a lower price than you might get from a typical real estate agent.

Are there other ways to sell my house fast in a slower market?

Although using a real estate agent will get you started, you also need to ensure that you’re getting exposure to potential buyers when you list your home in the area. Ensure you’re holding open house shows as often as you can so that people in the neighborhood can see your home and know that it’s for sale. When you get a higher listing price and higher curb appeal for your home, you’ll find that it will be much easier to sell your home fast in slow market conditions.