Bean Buro was appointed by a person of the world’s leading luxury products groups to design and style a retail academy in Hong Kong. Our customer is globally represented as a result of a lot of franchises and boutiques via a variety of corporations such as jewellery, watches, leather-based, and extras.

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The Narrative: Recognising our client’s pursuit to explore ‘raw talents to be developed’, we translated raw materiality into refined, curated pieces as a result of the invigorating training ecosystem.

Our strategy was to build an agile and at ease atmosphere for finding out about the retail trade. We consider users would be far more inspired to interact in the coaching atmosphere if they sense calm. It was about building a fragile equilibrium between calmness and stimulation devoid of extraneous sorts, colours or textures.

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“A important aspect of the temper and truly feel for this project was to elegantly strike a sensitive harmony of a relaxing pure architectural environment, although at the exact same time injecting just the ideal amount of money of colour to build an encouraging understanding natural environment.” – Kenny Kinugasa-Tsui, co-founder of Bean Buro

“Our idea was to build an agile and comfortable surroundings for learning about the retail trade. We believe customers would be substantially additional inspired to interact in the instruction atmosphere if they sense calm.” – – Lorène Faure, co-founder of Bean Buro

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The Procedure and the Solution: Our architectural solution to this temporary and addressing its useful requirements react to the one of a kind journey of raw talents coming via the retail academy. Upon moving into the hospitality-encouraged academy, visitors are greeted with a homey reception with sofas struggling with each other with bookshelf and a display displaying the works by the group’s brand names. Inside, the spaces are generous and open up to persuade informal collaborations and conversations.


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The types of teaching areas change in just the retail academy. Larger sized instruction rooms can be partitioned into lesser interconnected education rooms by way of the operable walls or further opened to develop an party space to healthy up to 150 end users. We also produced two normal education rooms and a theatre area with stepped platforms and cozy cushions experiencing a intelligent board for a casual and stimulating finding out ecosystem. Also, we have integrated modest places of work for supervisors and personnel of the academy.

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The Resources: A vital component of the mood and come to feel for this challenge was to elegantly strike a fragile harmony of a comforting normal architectural setting while at the very same time injecting just the proper sum of color to produce an encouraging studying surroundings.

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A muted red is employed throughout the area, from the stained timber—contained by a datum line—in the reception to the acoustic wall panels in the theatre. We also developed a bespoke rug with pops of colour for the reception, allowing readers to experience invigorated from their arrival. High-class accents are also involved in the bespoke joinery, these types of as the metallic gold complete of the entrance, bookshelf, and pantry, to react to the context of our client’s businesses.

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Nicely-being and Lights: As normal daylight enables buyers to sense relaxed, we orientated the spatial practical experience around the watch so that people can get pleasure from a wonderful look at of the town. We ensured workforce of the academy would also be ready to delight in the benefits of daylight by producing compact workplaces surrounded by glass.

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To retain the task environmentally helpful, we bundled negligible developed-in elements. We deemed the for a longer period life cycles of the home furnishings, utilising a great deal of flexible, unfastened furnishings that our shopper can reuse in the long run for a unique room and placing. For example, the bespoke bar table in the event house can be moved all-around to make other preparations. On top of that, the carpet employed in the theatre is also designed of recycled fishnets.

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Bean Buro group: Lorène Faure, Kenny Kinugasa-Tsui, Kirk Kwok, Andre Lui, Jay Jordan, Eileen Wong Main Contractor: Winsmart Contracting Co. Ltd Location: Tsim Sha Tsui, Hong Kong

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