The offered project is the outcome of a refurbishment of a single-spouse and children household building in a residential location of the city middle of Cuneo (North of Italy). The home is a mansion of the Italian typology identified as “dei Ferrovieri”, which starting off in 1908, the State Railways Social Stability, began to populate Italy and the parts adjacent to the historic centers as a result of this constructing marketing campaign, Then, subsequently, all these buildings have been incorporated in the city tissue. The creating in concern is from 1921, it is a preserved and certain assets by the Committee of Architectural Heritage which safeguards its facades and exterior overall look. It is, consequently, to be regarded as an interior style and design intervention.

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The first choice we took and wished to keep on being adherent to from the beginning was the servicing of the roof framework. It was an vital condition for us. We preferred to keep the inside spirit of the time, preserving the authentic picket beams. Their overall look is an necessary section of the design and style areas, and their artisanal affirmation would be tough to be replicated with recently made beams.

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The up to date factor is supplied by the quite dark coloring which offers a personal setting and generates an alteration of the recurring notion of the ceiling. We ended up also intrigued in the physical appearance of the unfinished finishings. For two explanations, the initially is to preserve the historic memory of the dwelling, the next purpose is that we feel the un-concluded facts transfer an reliable, accurate, and additional hospitable feel. There are parts of the current wall which are on sight, parts with even the initial 1920s wallpaper, and portions of the wall with vintage bricks only painted with white grout.

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The staircase is a sheet metal aspect micro-perforated, it is an item that problems gravity, and functions on transparency. e It stands up many thanks to its shape and its material’s houses, it only has lateral guidance and consequently it is incredibly reliable. Parallel to the structural factors, there are furnishings and outfitting, which convey our way of developing. The objects, developed by us, merge with the rest of the constructing. The kitchen, the bathrooms, and some storage partitions are in birch and they are in harmony with the components applied for other parts of the property.

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Architects: Balance Architettura [BLA] Location : 355 m² Yr : 2021 Images :Beppe Giardino

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