October 28, 2021


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How to completely clean your Roomba

How to completely clean your Roomba

There’s a good deal extra to holding your Roomba thoroughly clean than only emptying its bin now and then. Choose a nearer seem at your Roomba’s brushes, for illustration, and you are going to in all probability see they are tangled in hair.

A Roomba’s cliff sensors, which assistance to keep it from tumbling down the stairs, can furthermore turn out to be blocked by a layer of grime, though its dust filter will gradually turn into clogged with debris.

If you give your Roomba the occasional deep clear, you will not only increase its lifestyle, you’ll also strengthen the high quality of its cleanings.

Our Roomba cleaning guidebook will take you by four major regions when it will come to trying to keep a Roomba spic-and-span: cleansing its brushes, cleansing its wheels, scrubbing its sensors and charging contacts, and cleaning its dust filter.

If that appears like a ton of function, do not stress. The course of action will not be that time consuming supplied you give your Roomba a when-over on a standard basis, and if you tackle distinct cleaning chores on distinct days.

Cleaning your Roomba’s brushes

You in all probability experienced no thought how much hair was on your flooring until you obtained a Roomba. I’m consistently surprised by how a lot hair I pull out of my Roomba’s bin soon after each and every cleansing, and we really do not even have animals.

roomba hairy brush Ben Patterson/IDG

You’d be shocked by how much hair can get tangled in your Roomba’s brushes.

Supplied the amount of hair a Roomba can sweep off the ground, it’s no wonder that its brushes can get tangled so speedily. Thankfully, you can detach a Roomba’s brushes rapidly and easily, permitting you to get busy pulling all that hair off. Simply click below to get started out.

Cleaning your Roomba’s wheels

Brushes are not the only things that get hairy on a Roomba. Your robovac’s wheels can get tangled with hair, as nicely, while the wheel wells are havens for dust and dirt.

roomba caster wheel axle Ben Patterson/IDG

Your Roomba’s front caster wheel probably has a little ring of hair wrapped all over its axle.

iRobot recommends cleaning your Roomba’s wheels once just about every pair of weeks, but the good news is the task isn’t that complicated. The front caster wheel pops right out, and (depending on the Roomba design) the spring-loaded aspect wheels can be pushed aside, revealing trapped hair, dust, and grime.

Completely ready to start off cleaning all those Roomba wheels? Let’s dive in.

Cleansing your Roomba’s dust filter

If you only ever dump the dust out of your Roomba before sliding its bin back again in, you’re accomplishing it mistaken.

how to remove roomba 675 filter Ben Patterson/IDG

If your don’t clean your Roomba’s dust filter usually plenty of, it’ll wind up wanting like this.

Based on the model Roomba you own, there’s possibly a filter sitting in the bin compartment or a filter cartridge that suits in the bin by itself. Above time, these filters can get caked with thick levels of dust and grime, and if you really don’t thoroughly clean them often, your Roomba will become much less and considerably less economical at vacuuming up debris.

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Luckily for us, cleaning your Roomba’s filter is straightforward the authentic trick is remembering to do it (feel at the time a week or so).

We’ll clearly show you how to cleanse the filter on a Roomba 675, and we also have inbound links to filter cleaning guidance for other Roomba products.

Clearing your Roomba’s cliff sensors and charging contacts

Ever observe your Roomba stopping and commencing as it cruises close to your floor? 1 feasible explanation for this sort of odd habits is that your Roomba’s cliff sensors are covered in dust. When that transpires, your Roomba might continuously consider it’s about to tumble down the stairs, therefore all the cautious halting and setting up.

roomba 675 dirty cliff sensor Ben Patterson/IDG

Your Roomba may well consider it is frequently on the verge of falling down the stairs if its cliff sensors are lined in dust.

Here’s an additional doable difficulty: a Roomba that will take without end to demand. If that is occurring to your robotic buddy, it could be that its charging contacts are coated in grime.

You can clean up your Roomba’s cliff sensors and charging contacts working with a blend of smooth dresses and damp melamine foam. Just abide by these actions.

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