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How to clean a betta fish tank

How to clean a betta fish tank

Cleaning a betta fish aquarium

Betta fish could possibly be smaller, but they nonetheless need a sizable total of care. If you are likely to maintain this type of fish, you have to master how to clear a betta fish tank. 

Even with a excellent aquarium filter, betta tanks can become overcome with nitrates and other toxic compounds if you really do not cleanse them and partly change their h2o often, which can ultimately be fatal. 

Keep reading through to learn all the methods concerned in cleaning a betta fish tank, furthermore some other valuable info to make the course of action go extra smoothly. 

How usually need to you clean a betta fish tank? 

Tetra ColorFusion Aquarium 20 Gallon Fish Tank Kit

This depends on the measurement of your tank and the set up. You ought to under no circumstances hold a betta fish in a tank any lesser than 5 gallons, but larger is greater. A little something concerning 15-20 gallons, this kind of as the Tetra ColorFusion Aquarium, is great for a betta fish and a handful of ideal tankmates. The primary gain of a greater tank is that it delivers a far more enriching environment for your fish, but it comes with the included reward of a lot less typical cleansing. You will need to clear a 5-gallon tank weekly, although a greater 15- or 20-gallon tank only requirements cleaning once or twice a thirty day period.

Must you eliminate your fish from the tank even though cleaning it?

Penn Plax Aquarium Fish Net

Preferably, you ought to keep your betta fish in the aquarium while you thoroughly clean it for the reason that getting rid of them can worry them — only remove them if you are modifying 80% or more of the h2o in their tank. In this situation, diligently take out them with an aquarium internet and put them in a bowl or substantial mug with lots of water from their aquarium, producing sure to go over it with something breathable.

Ought to you clean up the filter at the similar time as the aquarium? 

Tetra Whisper IQ Power Filter

Your betta tank requires an aquarium filter, these kinds of as the Tetra Whisper IQ Energy Filter, but you should not clear it or modify the media at the similar time as you cleanse your tank and improve the water. Filters are full of helpful micro organism colonies that aid make a healthier tank ecosystem, so altering them at the similar time as the drinking water can wreak havoc. 

Planning to clean up your betta tank

Clean your arms and put on gloves 

Right before you get started out cleaning your betta tank, wash your arms and place on a pair of disposable gloves. This shields you from bacteria in the tank and the tank from any microbes or germs on your fingers.

Put together fresh water 

Faucet drinking water is complete of chlorine and other substances that can be toxic to fish, so you require to prepare the clean up drinking water you’re going to put in your aquarium ahead of time. Fill a clean bucket with as substantially h2o as you have to have and insert a business aquarium water conditioner in accordance to the deal instructions. Alternatively, you can basically depart the h2o uncovered for 24-48 several hours, which is prolonged ample for the undesirable substances to disperse.

Flip anything off 

Your betta fish tank must have a heater and filter. Change these off in advance of you commence cleaning, together with any other electrical items, such as lights and bubblers. 

Measures to clean a betta fish tank

Get rid of algae 

Use an algae scraper to take away any algae you see growing inside the tank. There are distinctive types of algae scrapers for both glass and acrylic tanks, so decide on appropriately to steer clear of scratching or detrimental the aquarium. 

Clean up gravel and siphon drinking water

Use a gravel vacuum or gravel siphon to thoroughly clean the gravel substrate of your betta fish aquarium. Dropped foodstuff and fish squander can settle in the substrate and breed micro organism, so it’s significant you clear it. Gravel siphons cleanse gravel and siphons off the drinking water at the exact same time. You’re undertaking two positions at the moment — cleaning the substrate and eradicating the water that you are going to change with your clean up prepared drinking water. In a betta tank of 10-20 gallons, you ought to goal to eliminate 10-20% of the quantity of h2o in the tank. In smaller sized 5-gallon tanks, you might require to take out a lot more like 30-40% given that more waste builds up in a smaller spot.

Get rid of and clean up tank ornaments

You really don’t have to have to clear ornaments each individual time you clear your betta fish tank, but glimpse out for algae buildup and clean up them when needed. Eliminate the ornaments from the tank bit by bit and meticulously so you do not strain your fish and clean each a single with scorching h2o and a thoroughly clean toothbrush. Avoid working with cleaning soap or cleaning products and solutions as these can be poisonous to fish. 

Refill the tank

Slowly but surely refill the tank with the drinking water you prepared before. You ought to have still left it out extended more than enough for the water to achieve home temperature, even though if you’re doing a huge drinking water transform, you must carefully warmth it to the very same temperature as the water in the tank — this should really be 75-80 levels for betta fish.

Switch almost everything back on

Now that the tank’s thoroughly clean and topped up with contemporary water, it’s time to transform your filter, heater and any other digital objects again on. 

What you need to acquire for cleaning a betta fish tank

API Algae Scraper

API Algae Scraper

Utilised for cleaning the algae off the inside of of an aquarium, this is a need to-have when cleansing your betta fish tank. It should be made use of only on glass and not on any other area.

Exactly where to purchase: Offered by Amazon and Chewy

Python Pro-Clean Gravel Washer and Siphon Kit

Python Professional-Clean Gravel Washer and Siphon Kit

This machine cleans aquarium gravel although siphoning off drinking water, receiving two employment carried out at as soon as. It is appropriate for aquariums with a capability of 20 to 55 gallons.

In which to acquire: Offered by Amazon and Chewy

LEAKTITE 500 5-Quart Plastic Pail

LEAKTITE 500 5-Quart Plastic Pail

A very simple pail that you can use to gather dirty h2o from your tank. It is massive more than enough to do a 20% h2o modify of a tank up to 25 gallons.

The place to purchase: Offered by Amazon

API Tap Water Conditioner

API Faucet H2o Conditioner

This drinking water conditioner neutralizes chlorine and other substances in faucet water that can be harmful to fish, generating it safe and sound to use suitable absent. It ought to be utilized anytime you include a fish or h2o to the aquarium.

Where by to buy: Bought by Amazon and Chewy


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