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Here’s how often should you clean your toilet brush (and other bathroom essentials)

Here's how often should you clean your toilet brush (and other bathroom essentials)

Bogs are heat and moist environments – a haven for microbes and mould, so even though you might be cleansing regularly, there are possibly things in your lavatory that you must be incorporating to your cleansing schedule or even replacing more frequently.

But really do not be way too hasty to bin issues – there is an environmental effect to replacing points needlessly and, really usually, with regular cleaning you can lengthen the daily life of items in your lavatory and hence lower the require to substitute them as generally.

In addition to your weekly bathroom blitz, here’s how frequently you ought to be cleaning and changing all of the other products in your rest room.

clean bathroom essentials

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Rest room brush

These germy brushes get utilized for 1 of the worst cleansing duties in the dwelling, then they sit in a moist toilet brush holder that rarely – if ever – gets cleaned.

Following every single use or at least weekly, fill the rest room brush container with scorching, soapy h2o and a several drops of bleach. Swish the brush around in the h2o and let it soak for 10 minutes, then empty the h2o down the rest room. Flush clean up water about the brush, spray both of those the container and brush with a disinfectant spray and return it to the container.

If you have time, make it possible for the brush to dry prior to inserting it again in the container do this by trapping the brush cope with beneath the toilet seat and allowing the brush drip into the rest room bowl for 10 minutes.

Some assistance implies changing plastic toilet brushes each individual six months, but if you cleanse it weekly there should really be no will need to change until eventually the bristles develop into discoloured or bent out of shape, or it’s smelly, even immediately after cleansing.

Bath mat

If your bath mat is machine washable, clean it the moment a week on as very hot a clean as the treatment label permits, applying a organic detergent.

There is no challenging and rapid rule on replacing your bath mat, notably if you wash it regularly. But if your bathtub mat isn’t device washable or doesn’t wash effectively, like some extremely thick mats that are complicated to get dry, you could want to feel about changing it with 1 that is quick to clean weekly.


You must be totally rinsing your toothbrush in sizzling h2o soon after every single use and as a normal rule, it’ll require replacing right after three months. But exchange sooner if the bristles are worn out or bent out of area.

The moment a week sanitise bristles by leaving toothbrush heads in mouthwash for a few minutes (but no for a longer time than 15 minutes or you can injury the bristles.) If you do not have mouthwash, soak toothbrush heads in a option of two teaspoons of bicarbonate of soda and a single cup of drinking water or use denture cleaning tablets.

clean bathroom essentials

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Tub toys

Kids’ bathtub time would not be the exact same with no loads of pleasurable bath toys, but they can develop into a haven for mould, mildew and germs.

Soon after every use, give them a rinse and squeeze out any water. Sterilize them every single two weeks by immersing in a solution of Milton Sterilizing Fluid – abide by guidance on the bottle for dilution energy. Depart for 15 minutes then rinse and attempt to dry as finest as attainable.

It is time to bin any toys that have grow to be difficult to get cleanse. If there is water trapped inside, it could be a breeding ground 4 mould and germs. If you can get the water out, but it appears to be like a amusing color or smells and you just can’t get the inside of clear by sterilising it, then it is ideal to bin it.

Shower Curtain

To avert the advancement of mould and mildew depart the curtain open up following showering – this will allow it to dry which will discourage mould from developing.

Clean up the shower curtain on a month-to-month foundation, if it is machine washable then clean applying the most popular temperature the care label enables for. For curtains that aren’t equipment washable or to remove mould and mildew stains, scrub with a bleach alternative and rinse thoroughly soon after bleach can rot the cloth. For a greener substitute, soak your shower curtain in a resolution of soda crystals, adhering to pack directions. Dry effectively ahead of hanging all over again.

In extremely humid bathrooms that are prone to mould and mildew you may possibly want to contemplate changing the shower curtain every six months to a 12 months. But if you wash it on a regular basis and preserve the rest room nicely ventilated it should really final substantially for a longer time.


Right after each and every use, test to air towels on a heated towel rail or a garments airer so that they dry rapidly. Or else, the combination of lifeless pores and skin cells, germs and moisture would make for a awful breeding floor that you won’t want to rub on your freshly showered skin.

Tub towels should be washed just after each individual 3-4 takes advantage of to preserve them hygienic. Use a organic detergent and wash at as high a temperature as the care label enables, this’ll enable to eliminate most horrible moulds and germs. There is no need to have to swap towels frequently as extended as they are washed carefully and frequently. But exchange it if the towel has a mould or mildew odor even just after washing.

clean bathroom essentials

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Disposable razors and blades

It’s all also simple to leave razor blades on right up until they really feel blunt, which could be several weeks depending on how usually you shave. In 1 review by Microban, involving 100 and 4.9 million micro organism had been located on razor blade cartridges, this can guide to rashes and even infection if you cut you shaving.

In accordance to the English Shaving Company, if you shave every single working day swap your blade each individual one to two weeks, if you shave just about every other day, substitute your blade each and every two to a few months and if you shave two times a week, switch your blade every single 4 to six months. Don’t go away a razor blade on for extra than 6 weeks and following every use rinse totally and dry.

Shower Head

Cleanse the showerhead weekly as component of your standard rest room cleaning regimen. For people in really hard water parts the shower head can get clogged with limescale, so you’ll have to have to descale on a every month foundation, unscrew the shower head and soak right away in a 50/50 answer of drinking water and white vinegar, then rinse and re-connect. Warning: never use vinegar on gold or gold plated fittings as it can injury the finish.

According to rest room retailer Drench, you ought to be replacing your shower head just about every 6-8 months since sediment from your tap water, as very well as germs and mould, can develop up inside of. But if you can give a every month descale and deep clear it should very last a tiny longer.


They are good for exfoliating pores and skin, but that implies they can get clogged with useless skin cells and micro organism, so you have to have to cleanse your loofah often to prevent infections from smearing germs back into your skin every single time you use it.

After each use, rinse your loofah completely and permit to dry involving utilizes. Cleanse your synthetic loofah weekly by soaking in a option of one particular component bleach to 9 sections water, allowing it soak for 5-10 minutes.

For natural loofahs soak in a remedy of 4 tablespoons of bicarbonate of soda to each individual litre of drinking water. Rinse carefully and allow to dry. You are going to want to change it each individual 4 to six months.

We’d propose switching to a loofah created of pure fibres which are more eco-helpful, even though they continue to will need changing routinely, there is considerably less of an environmental impact than with a synthetic plastic-based loofah.

clean bathroom essentials

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